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Windscreen Replacement

As well as regularly inspecting wheel bearings or oil tanks, windscreen wiper brushes should be replaced every year. It is verified that one of the car systems which statistically captures less driver’s attention is the windscreen, though having your wiper brushes in good condition is one of the easiest and cheapest elements in car maintenance, besides being essential for safe driving.

In rainy areas, water accumulation in the main driver’s viewing angle can cause sudden fright. Driver’s visibility in rainy days due to bad windscreen condition is reduced between 20 and 30 percent, thus the need for inspecting and replacing your wiper brushes.

In case you need to make a wiper brush replacement, and you have any doubts on how to do it or which brush model is most suitable for your car, go to one of our repair shops and we will gladly install them for you.

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