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Ozone generator

Ozone’s advantages

  • Ozone is the strongest oxidant and disinfectant available, working effectively both in combination with water or in the air on its own.
  • Destroys bacteria, virus, mites and fungi.
  • Delays cellular ageing, stimulating the immune system.
  • Wound, ulcer, cold-sore and fungus healer.
  • Most powerful natural disinfectant that exists.
  • Ozone guarantees 99,99% bacteria removal and is highly more powerful than other chemical components.

Ozone Shock Treatment removes odors like:

  • Smoke
  • Pets
  • Moisture
  • Vomit

Where is it available?

For the moment, we have ozone generators in the following repair shops:

  • Calle Pau Muntades, 24, 08700 Igualada
  • Calle Eusebi Estada, 79, 07004 Palma de Mallorca

It’s not necessary to set a date, in just 15 minutes you will have your car completely disinfected and with all annoying odors removed (USE YOUR CAR AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!).

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