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Windshield repair

Auto glass repair has some advantages over substitution, which are the following:

  • Time saving, since repairing a windshield takes only 30 minutes.
  • Environmental respect as it doesn’t produce any kind of waste and it avoids a future replacement that would need a special recycling process.
  • Money saving, considering that usually the glass repair doesn’t alter the discount of most insurance policies.

In order to make an autoglass repair, some conditions that are described in detail next must be met:

  • The windshield’s impact size must be smaller than a 2 euro coin, about 40 mm diameter.
  • The hole’s crater must be less than 5 mm.
  • The crater mustn’t be in the drivers’ direct line of sight, the driver’s windshield crossing area will be taken as reference.
  • Damages mustn’t alter the interstitial plate made up of polyvinyl butyral, which is in the glass interior.
  • Windshield mustn’t show gashes or fissures bigger than 50 mm or that have their beginning in the windshield’s edge.
  • Don’t show multiple breakings which have adjacent craters in a distance lower than 10 mm, or breakings which have altered the lower and upper glass layer.

For additional information and to resolve whether it is possible or not to repair your car’s front glass proceed to one of our auto glass repair and replacement garages or contact our Customer Service Department, which is available 24 hours by dialling 902 222 722.

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