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Power window repair

Doesn’t you car window go down? Do you need to make a power or manual window repair? At Auto Cristal Ralarsa we can solve it.

Our car glass specialist condition allows us to do a fast power window repair. No matter which brand and model your car is, we have the Original Replacement or Similar Quality one according to UE’s Regulation 461/2010. Request a quotation for the power window repair without compromise

Why do power Windows break down?

Car’s power windows have evolved significantly since their beginning, being the cable system the most used mechanism nowadays by car manufacturers for their power windows, and there are various reasons for car windows to break down. The most common ones are electrical failures generally caused by moisture or dirt, or a mechanical breakdown brought about by parts wearing away over time, resulting in either steel cable or fastening clips breaking thus immobilizing your power window.

Another reason that can cause a power window break down is its zero use. This happens normally in little use vehicles and generally in the passenger’s seat window, so it is highly recommended to power up all car windows when you are going to use it.

How to proceed if your power window doesn’t work?

First of all you must check if the problem is caused by a burnt out fuse, and this is done by opening your car’s user guide where the number and exact placement of the fuse that protects the power window is shown. In case it is blown, it must be replaced.

In case this is not the problem, the next step is to verify if the failure is in the switch impeller microcontacts, either by being dirt or moist. This demands completely dismantling both the door’s panel and the mechanism with special care, in order to clean it and sand it down smoothly. It is highly recommended that you ask for professional help in order to do this.

If the previously mentioned reasons aren’t causing the problem, there is a mechanical failure and thus you should turn to a specialist to either repair it or replace it considering the damage produced and the vehicle’s model.

At Auto Cristal Ralarsa we have replacements and specialized tools besides the necessary experiece to do power window repairs with our complete guarantee.

Regardless of the reasons why you need to repair your manual or power window, ask us for a no obligation estimate by coming to one of our repair shops or call our customer service center 902 222 722, which is available 24-hours 365-days per year or through the form below (* required fields):

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