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Solar films installation

6 good reasons to tint your private car’s glass

Auto Glass Tinting


The solar film which is added to the auto glass prevents it from exploding in case of violent breaking

Auto Glass Tinting


The effective solar protection limits heat inside your car, applying an effective temperature reduction from up to 10ºC

Auto Glass Tinting

Money saving

Auto glass tinting improves thermal insulation allowing you to use with greater rationality your car’s air-conditioner and therefore reducing fuel consumption.

Solar films installation

Privacy and Anti-Theft System

Your car’s interior will be hidden not allowing thieves to see your valuable items.

Solar films installation


The solar film protects the car’s interior and its upholstery from the sun’s harmful effects.

Solar films installation


It improves the vehicle’s appearance providing it with a more modern and sports look.

Practical Guide

  • Only glass that is behind our line of sight can be tinted.
  • In case of overlaying your windscreen or front doors you can be fined.
  • Solar films must be strictly authorised. AUTO CAR RALARSA only uses authorised films, with anti-scratch processand guaranteed against any manufacturing or fitting flaws.
  • There is a wide range of darkening colours and scales. Up to 20 different colour schemes able to highlight your car’s beauty!
  • Easy and fast to assemble, in just one morning or afternoon we can tint your auto glasses in one of our Repair Shops.

For additional information concerning auto glass tinting, you can walk to one of our Expertise Centres, dial 902 222 722 or ask for an estimate without obligation through the following form (* Mandatory fields):

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