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Glass repair and replacement for tractors and plant machinery

Glazing for tractors and plant machinery is notable for its robustness and durability, its thermal and acoustic insulation, and for being adaptable to unusual dimensions.

These vehicles tend to have a windscreen to enable excellent visibility. The latest models have a curved screen providing peripheral vision so the user can monitor the full range of movement of the cutting head.

The rear window offers maximum visibility to enable the user to ensure that the trailers or accessories are working properly. Recent models have included a rear window in the lower part of the cab to make it possible to see the towing hook.

It must also be possible to open the rear window easily to allow communication with anyone who may be located near the hook. In addition, the window must be tightly sealed to prevent dust and chemical substances used in agricultural work from entering the cabin.

The roof window is essential for monitoring the loader during the loading process. These windows also perform an important safety function as they are treated with low-E coating which prevents the driver from being exposed to excessive heat. In addition, they comply with the FOPS norm regarding possible falling objects.

It is clear that the repair and replacement of tractor and plant machinery glass needs to be handled by experts. At Auto Cristal Ralarsa we have a team of specialists with over 20 years’ experience with this type of glass. We also have a complete database of international suppliers which makes it possible for us to locate the right supplier for each model and highly qualified fitters fully equipped with mobile units to provide service on customers’ premises.

If you need to repair or replace the glass in your tractor or plant machinery, find the nearest workshop here, request an appointment on 902 222 722, or fill out the online appointment request form.

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