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Headlight repairing

Current car’s headlights become dull over time, protective polycarbonate seems burnt, giving an unpleasant and old look to the vehicles, reducing its dazzling ability and therefore increasing its occupant’s insecurity.

This is because headlights, for some time now, are manufactured with polycarbonate, an element which gradually deteriorates due to the heat irradiated by light bulbs or by the sun. Therefore, it is highly recommended to make a headlight polish from time to time.

Nowadays there are many companies or self-employed people that will offer themselves to do a headlight polish, but If you want to recover your burnt or dull headlights with safety and under guarantee, we recommend you to go to an expertise centre that dedicates daily to this activity, applying the recommended techniques and adequate procedures that ensure that your headlights will remain looking like new, shiny and gleaming and without any collateral damage.

At AUTO CRISTAL RALARSA we have developed some action protocols that are followed by all our expertise centres, using tools and chemical products that have been previously tested by our Quality Department and which allow us to ensure excellent and completely guaranteed headlight polishing results.

Don’t think twice, if you have your car’s headlights burnt or dull and you need to replace them, go to your nearest Ralarsa’s Repair Shop, or contact our Customer Service Department dialling 902 222 722.

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