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Rain water Repellent

Rain water process significantly improves visibility through the windscreen in rainy conditions as the water will slip and be expelled by front air, preventing us from having to turn on windscreens while driving at speeds over 80 kms/h. The effect made is similar to watch little mercury drops slipping over the auto glass.

Every surface, including glass, has some porosity although it doesn’t seem so at first sight, and the rain water process, or hydrophobic process, a liquid made up from certain acrylic resins and transparent polymers among other substances, adheres to the auto glass surface refilling all pinholes and creating a durably weather-resistant film.

This film can be perceived by the tactile sense, you will feel your glass softer and smoother when you swipe your hand over it, or in short, more non-stick; Due to this film the repellent effect which makes water that falls over your glass slip and be expelled by wind with greater intensity is produced.

The estimated lasting time for this rain water repellent film is about 20.000 kms or one year, and depending on weather conditions from one area or another, it can last a little bit more or less, according to sun’s deterioration over it.

Rain water repellent process also generates both an anti-dirt and anti-mosquito effect, as they won’t adhere to the glass as much as before, allowing you to clean your windscreens with less effort.

Don’t think twice, improve visibility in rainy conditions increasing your safety and the one of your companions by applying a rain water repellent process in any of our expertise centres.

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