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Truck glass replacement and repair

It is more complex to replace truck glass than car glass due to both the size and weight of the glass. When a windscreen is replaced there is generally a need for at least two fitters and a scaffold, especially when the service is provided by mobile units at customer premises.

There are two ways of fitting the glass: it can either be glued in or it can be fitted into a rubber surround. If the glass is sealed with polyurethane glue, it needs need several hours to dry, during which time the vehicle cannot be moved. If rubber surrounds are used, however, the vehicle can be driven away immediately.

Truck windscreen repair is a practical option, not only as it costs less than replacement, but also as it means that the vehicle can be driven again in a very short time, as the process only takes 30 minutes. For this reason, we recommend that chipped screens should be repaired immediately, before the chip turns into a crack. Ralarsa offers fleets a glass maintenance service providing regular inspections on company premises. This will ensure that the vehicle glass is always in perfect condition.

Additional problems during international journeys

It is essential for trucks undertaking international journeys to have glazing in perfect condition. In France, for example, fines are applied to trucks with chips and cracks and the trucks may be detained, entailing economic loss due to time lost. If the truck is carrying fresh fruit or vegetables, the load itself can be lost. Entry to the Channel Tunnel is not permitted if the truck has a small chip on the windscreen, as the glass may shatter under the high pressure.

At Ralarsa we specialise in truck glass and we can offer our service at your company premises for your convenience. If you need to repair or change your vehicle glass, find the nearest workshop here, request an appointment on 902 222 722, or fill out the online appointment request form.

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